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>> tonight, a young virginia mother struggles to save her children in a fast-moving house fire. in the end, she saved three and died trying to save the others. we begin with a look at how her tight-knit community is gathering to remember her and two little boys. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. the police watched her hand her children out of the second- story window one-by-one and went back inside for the last two boys and they never made it out alive and roz plater is live where the fire broke out. >> reporter: this is a community that is still hurting, coming together by the dozens to honor the lines and to say thank you to the man who
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held out his arms to catch the children that the desperate mother tossed to safety. >> this is not physical healing tonight but emotional healing. >> reporter: it's a measure of how much the young family was loved and how many here in the lorton community are suffering. 24-year-old allie anderson and her sons, 5-year-old solmon and 3-year-old alphonso were all lost in a devastating fire. >> she seemed like the most loving, wonderful mother and -- and her kids are like her. beautiful family and good people. >> they made a big impression on everybody. they were always out here playing with my son and playing with all the kids riding bikes. >> reporter: early in the morning, family's home caught fire, trapping anderson and her children on the second floor. she was able to toss three to safety and lost her own life trying to save the other two.
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>> and i saw the house burn down and heard her cry out in the morning and i didn't know it was him. i called 911 and i came outside and i saw him and dropped to my knees and it was just a terrible thing. >> reporter: this vigil was not just to honor the lives lost but the reluctant hero who caught the three surviving which were. >> we want to -- children. >> we want to thank you for being there during the time of the tragedy. every life could have been lost but you being there and catching the babies. >> yeah. >> you caught them. >> reporter: now the community is rallying around the father and the remaining children and the extended family. >> we're trying to embrace each other really hard because we never know when our time comes and we very close. >> reporter: the aunt tells me the three remaining children, ages 8 and 6 and a 2-month-old
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baby girl are out of the hospital and can be expected. the tentative funeral arrangements are set for wednesday. >> and there is a lot of chatter for neighbors out there and wednesday night and seeing it online about a cause. what are you hearing from investigators? >> no official cause for investigators that we know of and they have not released it just yet. the neighbors are suspect that it may have been a candle that caught fire because the power was out and we will have to see what investigators have to say about it. >> and all are coming together. roz plater, thank you. new details about the cause of this week's massive fire in a mannoses -- monasses neighborhood. several others damaged by the flames on thursday and the fire was sparked by the cigarette and that the man was discarding into the mulch of a potted plant and that fire is being
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called accidental. more than 100 firefighters worked to put out the flames. flames gutted a two-story building around 10:30 this morning and that was evacuated before the roof collapsed. no one was injured and investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. a shooting and foot chase unfolded this afternoon in southeast. the man was shot and killed here on southern avenue. two suspects took off and ran into a nearby apartment building. officers zeroed in on that building based on tips from witnesses. >> started at the ground level and went to reach 4, maintaining the officers on that floor and pedestrian traffic and whatnot and the officers with that -- and do we do the entire building. >> reporter: and through the search, officers found two persons of interest and they're being questioned tonight. the victim is pronounced dead at the scene. another deadly shooting in the district and this is in northwest and a teenageer is
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the victim. the scene on georgia avenue just before 2 a.m. police saw 19-year-old david weston on the ground with a gun shot wound and was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. the police are trying to identify the gunman. a first-of-its-kind conviction in maryland. a teacher's aid has been found guilty of sex abuse without touching the child. cath len kairns explains. >> reporter: carl walker leaves court after being convicted of sex abuse. >> do you still love her? >> reporter: at bryant woods elementary school in columbia, the 38-year-old walker was a teacher's aid. he wrote more than 30 love letters to an 8-year-old girl stating that i want to kiss and hug. i'm not a perverted psycho stocker but i have -- stalker but i have dreams of holding you. >> you wrote you were not a perverted stalker but the judge made a ruling today. you have anything to stay say? >> reporter: the child abuse
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conviction was not based on a physical attack but in exploitation outlined in the letters. >> there is a constant reference to hugging and kissing and wanting to be with you and bringing, fantasizing that they on a trip to las vegas and that she is asleep in his arms, overwhelming, thought. >> reporter: the first time in maryland a child predator has been convicted without touching a child in a sexual manner. lawmakers have been watching the case closely. >> the intent did not require physical touching. >> reporter: in court, the judge stated that walker's letters bored her on obsession and gained her trust abusing it. why would do you that as a teacher's aid? didn't you know you crossed the line? >> reporter: he's free until his sentencing in january and has been ordered to stay away from any children under 18, except his own two kids.
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>> i am sure we'll be asking for jailtime. >> reporter: in howard county, maryland, cathleen kairns, fox news. it's been a hot start to the fall and things are starting to cool down. i think today was a day if you could find a swimming pool, it would be a good idea. >> reporter: without question, you know. considering we had record- breaking temperatures on friday and things are cooling down behind a frontal system and look at the numbers for today. unbelievable, 93 degrees at national and we brock a record at dulles with 93 and 91 at baltimore. it's warm outside and 82 in the nation's capitol, 78 at dulles. 75 at baltimore. fredericksburg, 84 degrees and so, the heat definitely on and unbelieve believe about -- unbelievable this time of the year. we have clouds rolling our way and look to the south. there is wet weather on the way as well and we'll keep a close eye on that and tell you when that is going to arrive. in the meantime, partly cloudy night, cooler and breezy, the
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overnight low, 61 degrees. the full forecast is coming up in a bit. back to you. >> sounds good, see you then. after playing the first two games of the season at fed ex field, the redskins are in st. louis to face the rams tomorrow afternoon. lindsay murphy hit the road and had questions with the locals. >> reporter: good evening from downtown st. louis, you know and i know the redskins are playing the rams this weekend because we have talked about the matchup all week long. i want to know about st. louis, are they a rams country, do you recognize the man in this picture? >> no. >> oh, my god. who is that? i can't remember. but i know his name. >> who is that? >> never seen him before? he's a quarterback for the rams. >> i don't know -- . >> i don't know who that is. >> i do and i can't figure a name. >> he -- [ indiscernible ] >> yeah. >> and does that help? >> no. >> who is this?
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[ indiscernible ] >> mcnabb. >> and that is mcnabb. >> mcnabb. >> and he's number five. [ laughter ] >> he's the quarterback. >> donovan mcnabb. our quarterback. for the redskins, number 5! go skins. [ laughter ] >> this guy's been around the block a couple of times. >> and -- >> mcnabb. >> if i were a betting woman, based on your handle, the redskins are beating the rams tomorrow in. >> yup. >> and you're a st. louis guy? >> yup. >> donovan mcnabb more popular than sam bradford. maybe it's not a rams town but cardinals country after all. lindsey murphy, fox 5 sports. a scare in the skies, a boeing 777 with nearly 300 people on board is forced to land. tonight what, prompted an evacuation and who police are
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questioning and we're going to sort this out for you. comedienne bill maher unveils another clip, crest open o'donald. and a tough college athlete brought to tears when he gets a surprise. his mother is back from the front lines and there he goes, the tears are flowing. we'll show you how that played out. >> those are some of the stories coming your way as fox 5 news at 10 rolls on. the camera is rolling o. 
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>> a pakistani airplane made an emergency landing in swede know after a tip emerged that a passenger was carrying a bomb on board. the flight was diverted to orlando airport in stockholm. the authorities say a canadian citizens called in a tip of a bomb on board. the police evacuated 273 people from the jet and briefly detained a canadian citizens of pakistani origin. they didn't find any explosives and he didn't appear on the no-
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fly list. >> and we -- the explosives in some kind and that is why. we made evacuation of the plane and it went very well. and they came out one-by-one on the letter and we could identify the suspect who is taken do into custody. >> police are investigating whether this was in fact a terrorism hoax. it was just about two months ago when congressman anthony wiener made headlines on the house floor. he was lashing out about a failed 9/11 health bill and now house democratic leaders say they're bringing the issue back to the floor next week. here's more. >> reporter: the first time around, the bill caused more screaming and booing on&controversy on the house than we have seen in years. the bill would allot $7.5 billion to compensate residents and first responders from health problems allegedly breathing in the fumes around the world trade center on 9/11.
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thousands of firefighters, police officers and construction workers have sued over their exposure and later health problems. democratic leaders brought us to the house floor and? in late july. meaning republicans could not add amendments and the bill died. and that brought on the finger pointing and this. >> you could pass this bill if you wanted to and you're in control and have the power and the responsibility. >> it's republicans wrapping their arms around and rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the heros. it's a shame, a shame! >> trying to smooth next week's vote, the democratic leadership released this statement, quote, we would like to recognize the tireless work guiding this bill through the legislative process to benefit those who rose to the occasion on 9/11 and this time, the bill would need a majority vote and -- they would increase taxes on businesses. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. hours before the 10-month
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settlement freeze expires, the u.s. launched last-minute efforts to prevent the palestinian peace talks from collapsing. clinton had a meeting with them to rossett -- reach a compromise and they continued and there were clashes in the west bank and the israeli military. a secret kept by an entire university and family. except for one person. major sergeant carla murphy missed her son's graduation and big sendoff to college. guess what? she does did not miss the opportunity to surprise him at the team's first home game of the season. here's more on how that played out. >> reporter: football in the fall and that does not get better than. this wait, it gets better. the major waits under the
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bleachers, her son aaron bird, number 96, 5'11", 231 pounds, warming up at dean college's first home game of the season. he has no idea what is about to hit him. a surprise from his mom, home from afghanistan. [ indiscernible ] >> that is -- >> singing the national anthem as she grew up in sports and this time, it's different. >> and the home of the brave. >> reporter: they haven't seen each other since mother's day. mom's been away at war, the second tour of duty, sadly missing a couple of milestones. >> i missed the graduation and i missed him, of course, coming to college. >> now a moment to save her. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: they can't get the milestones back but this ranks among the others to note. >> i know he would be surprised and i didn't think he would be
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this emotional. >> reporter: aaron is still silenced with emotion. >> and -- even -- [ indiscernible ] and tried to call her every day. >> reporter: a self-proclaimed mama's boy whose mom didn't let seas of distance get in the way. >> and that is over the e-mail about doing the homework. did you do this? did you get this done? was in constant contact with the teachers. >> reporter: her boy is growing up now, realizing it's scary out there and a proud son. >> other things that happened around the world and with soldiers. >> mom and son together again. in franklin, nicole jacobs, fox 5 news. >> the flags are in place ahead of tomorrow's second annual bubba's belly run and that honors fallen heros. he was killed in afghanistan
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and in february 2009. each flag is displayed to honor each and every member of the u.s. military and killed in operation iraqi freedom and enduring freedom. a book drive with no books is catching on. we're taking you to the national book festival where hard covers are giving way to hard drive. >> and a major church undergoing a major image campaign. why some say the ads may cross the line. 
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>> comedienne bill maher is taking jab at christine o'donnell. the tea party member getting a lot of press, she is and won the republican nomination and as a conservative christian activist, she was a frequent guest on his show in the 1990s. he showed another show where
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o'donnell challenged the theory of evolution saying it's a method. he threatened to show more old clips of her from the show until she agrees to appear on his current cable show. the mormon church is launching a new media campaign to put friendly and familiar faces on their often misunderstood faith. lauren green has more. >> my name is ryan. >> my name is alex. >> and i'll cassandra. >> i'm josh. >> i'm joy highway patroa han and i'm a mormon. >> reporter: that a newspeople spokespeople for the latter-day saints. >> reporter: believe that you become the music you listen to. >> reporter: an artist, a mother. >> i believe god wants me to be an individual. >> reporter: people with compelling life stories that happen to be mormon. >> it's a great time to introduce ourselves and the most transparent way is to do it through the lives of our members. >> i work in the music industry. >> reporter: a campaign launched in 9 test markets across the country and minneapolis and pittsburgh, highlights the lives of mormons
10:25 pm
that drive people to a website to learn more and chat live with someone from the mormon faith. >> and it's been a huge part of my life. >> if half of the people don't know much about you, they fill that gap. the best way to disspell is to meet a mother-in-lawmon. >> for decade -- a mother-in- lawmon. he -- . >> mormon's are very good at marketing themselves. they understand the principles behind marketing. >> but the shows like big love and support for proposition 8, california's ballottra -- has tarnished the image. the lds church said the ad campaign has nothing to do with politics, one said it's not hard to make the case. >> they're sensitive to how they're perceived by the public and this campaign, i suspect s a reaction to that and they want to correct. that. >> reporter: the ads will run through the end of the year when the church will evaluate
10:26 pm
and decide whether to expand the campaign nationally. >> they usually associate dementia with older people. in some cases, it can strike younger which were too, too. >> like these young children here. a whole new way, and -- what it could mean for on you how -- how you borrow the favorite book.  oweanyo
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>> thousands of book lovers gathered on the national mall today. as john henrehan reports, part of the book festival is now devoted to distributing what media downloads. >> with the thousands of people attending the national book mall in washington, they meeting and gathering autographs from the authors.
10:30 pm
[ indiscernible ] >> reporter: hearing the authors and poets read their work. >> each actor's face -- . >> and. >> reporter: and perusing the actual books for sea. >> i love reading, my mom's a librarian. >> reporter: what about the electronic tablets? >> it's not the same and i think classic books will never go out of style. >> reporter: maybe, maybe not, you know and this year, the overdrive company brought the book mobile to remind people that many of the nation's public libraries are offering free electronic downloads of books and other media and these twin fifth graders were astonished to learn that marvelcommics are electronically available. >> it made me excited to finally see something made like this. i have never seen it before.
10:31 pm
>> some libraries offer free electronic downloads of full- length movies. at this point, it's mostly documentaries but some feature films are available. the ceo of overdrive said the library distribution is not hurting the publishers. the -- . >> the patron has to have a valid library card and have the ability to borrow it and that is usually for 14 or 21 days. the library is promoting the book to millions of people of their online and searching that catalog and many want it in print. >> reporter: overdrive estimates about 60% of america's libraries are distributing the books and other media to their paytons -- patrons electronically. the d.c. public library and many others in maryland and virginia distribute books electronically to the patrons. and passing pills in
10:32 pm
montgomery county and that is perfectly legal. part of a nationwide campaign called prescription drug takeback day. the effort provides people the opportunityfo safely empty out the drugs. it helps keep unwanted drugs out of the wrong hands. >> and we have a nationwide epidemic in this country where we have young adults and teens that are getting a hold of prescription drugs and they abusing these items. >> many people flush unwanted pills to dispose of them and officials say the practice can contaminate the water supply. a rare condition causes dementia in small which were. twin girls are getting experimental drug treatment at a hospital in california and the governments produce a new procedure that could offer more help for the girls.
10:33 pm
let's go! >> reporter: we first met these twins, addie and cassie hempell last year. they each have a rare and fatal genetic disease called memonpick. >> they start losing memory, speech and the ability to take care of themselves. physically, it looks like alzheimer disease. >> reporter: the twins, now 6, suffer from cholesterol buildup in their brains and lost much of their ability to speak. >> they end up in wheelchairs and can't swallow and then it's fatal. >> reporter: children's hospital of oakland tried a sugary compound found in fabric softeners that did help and that does not cross the blood brain barrier. the girls continued their neurological decline and today, doctors won a approval to direct it into the girl's brain. the twins would be the first to
10:34 pm
have this treatment and it may be their only chance to survive. >> this is a bold and brave step to take to go from intravenous to directly infusing a blood into the final -- spinal fluid. the family is compassionate and care about their children and don't want harm and at the same time, they realize their which were are going to die without interinvestigation. people in fairfax county walking for the cure today and that is designed to find a cure for next year's syndrome. the diseases effect the way the kidneys work and distribute protein to the body. the people who rely on the organization say that it's a great resource. and next year is a great organization. they have websites with all the information. they have blogs and places to
10:35 pm
go and ask questions. man's best friend is now an inmate's worst enemy. the dogs sniffing out a new kind of contraband in prison and they could be more dangerous than drugs and weapons. and you could call her the bride's maid of last season's "american idol." crystal bowersox. she's about to be a real bride and details of her upcoming wedding is next. and she was one of my favorites. i had that blues thing she had going o. take a look at all the moisture to the south. it's hitting -- head ourselves way. the much-needed rainfall in our forecast. where we're going to get it and see a change in the temperatures. stay with us. fox 5 news at 10 will be back after the break.
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i even use the web to get paid. with acceptpay from american express open, we now invoice advertisers and receive payments digitally. and i get paid on average three weeks faster. booming is never looking for a check in the mail. because it's already in my email. >> did you see it? a 90-year-old woman -- there she is, joan harding celebrated her 90 athin the air and joined a sky diving team in england
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and suited up in her red devil gear and showed everyone she's still young at heart and look at her go and they landed safely on the ground. >> yes, they did. >> and 90 years old. >> yeah. >> and there are a few redskins who would like to push albert hainesworth out of the plane. >> what is up with him? >> that is the million-dollar question for the hundred hundred million dollar man. tonight, leave it to hainesworth to spice up a saturday night. he broke his silence by talking on the radio. he had interesting things to say this evening on the kevin and rock show on 106.7 the fan and i will paraphrase. he said in a nut shell, just because someone pays you a lot of money, doesn't mean you can do what they want. everything is for sea. i'm not for sale. i signed the contract and got
10:40 pm
paid a lot of money and that does not mean i'm for sale or whatever. one guy he will have to deal with is sam bradford. the good news, he looks good. the first overall pick and is showing promise. he's been impressive in the first two games and since will not take him lightly. >> and watch him. he's looked pretty good and is impressive and is a guy coming around once every 10 years. >> we would like to get him early in the queer career. he has the make of being a great quarterback. you see some of the young rookie quarterbacks struggle and in their careers. that is not the case with him.
10:41 pm
maryland hosting florida international and they were down and found williams and tied at seven. and now we move to the third. tied at 21 and o'brien looking good still and going long for smith and this kid can burn! 68 yards for the score and easy on the celebration and coming up here. and he's okay. and o'brien, a big day and maryland wins 42-28. and later on sports extra, more on hainesworth and wisdom martin. we'll discuss, among other things, who would you want to be your "american idol" judges. >> good question. >> and wait until you hear. >> i am excited about him. >> yeah. >> really? and -- >> really? all to be continued. >> really? thank you. >> and i like her. >> yeah? >> and you know this girl as a comedienne actress. but a singer?
10:42 pm
margaret cho. how the funny lady is using humor in song to discuss serious topics. we'll be right back. ttd emea b
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>> outrage in missouri after cameras are discovered in a public restroom and there are signs. and they designed. they lit a trashcan on fire and parents don't think that they're the right answer. >> anyone can get up there and mess with it. if it's a working camera, someone can get up there and do what they want and record the kids. it's not appropriate. >> the town's mayor agrees and that the cameras were necessary. he's unaware and is making sure the cameras are moved outside. a growing threat emerging in prisons across the country and authorities are enlisting canine cops to go in prison
10:46 pm
cells. here's more. >> reporter: inside donovan state prison in san diego, man's best friend can be an inmate's worst enemy. smuggling of all sorts of contraband is rampant and the biggest concern is not drugs or homemade weapons. >> we started to find cell phones in the cells and in the possession of inmates. we provided them a huge opportunity to -- opportunity to continue the criminal activity once incarcerated. >> reporter: over seven thousand mobile phones were found inside last year and more than triple the number three years ago. inmates are using them to smuggle goods and put out hits on judges and witnesses outside of the walls. now, corrections officers are using the most sensitive tool on the plan tote find them. >> where it would take them one hour to find, i can do that with a canine in one minute. >> reporter: eight teams of
10:47 pm
dogs were trained and deployed across the state to pick up on a specific scent given off in chemicals found in cell phones. >> if you go into a room and smell spaghetti sauce, the dog would be able to tell you every ingredient that made. that it's okay for the dogs but how will it do with a total stranger's phone and which this is from the outside and seeing if you can find it. it does not take long. drac opecs up the scent and alerts the handler. i search and run across. i will scratch and that is holding an aggressive alert. >> reporter: prisons are using high-tech devices like itt's cell hound tracker and for the time being, a good old- fashioned game of fetch seems to be working just fine. in california, adam housley,
10:48 pm
fox news. a beautiful and gorgeous day, right? yeah. >> and we're out there in adams morgan for the fifth annual walk for animals humane society and some officers brought some of the canine dogs. >> great. >> for the demonstration, you know, how they are valuable and -- >> that. >> and texting that you and i can't smell. >> maybe next year, key have the video. >> yeah. >> and the camera got there late. >> and that is a great crowd and fantastic weather. keep it outside. we'll keep it going. >> all right. >> and things are not too bad. the camera is shaking a bit, though and that is breezy outside. otherwise, not all bad and talk about a warm day today. unbelievably warm. let's begin with a look at the weather headlines and show you what is happening. we're 67 days at or above 90 degrees and this is the trend.
10:49 pm
the warmest summer on record that we tied and unbelievable as well. much cooler days are ahead and we have some unsettled weather that is ahead and be prepared forha and at national airport, we had 93 degrees -- excuse me, dulles, 93 degrees and baltimore, we hit 91 and look at other areas, martinsburg broke a record at 95 and charlottesville hit 93 and exceptionally warm and roar- breaking temperatures as well and 17 degrees warmer than they should be and go to true view. 82 degrees in the district; 78 at dulles and 72 at frederick; 75, baltimore and winchester at this hour. 84 at fredericksburg is that is on the warm side. the satellite radar compositive sit going to show you the clouds and the wet weather and
10:50 pm
this is to the south and going through here and let's go to the weather maps and show what you is happening to the south and the tropical conditions. we go back to max and what is happening. talking about tropical depression matthew, moving to the northwest at 14 miles an hour and bringing an awful lot of torrennual rainfall across areas of central america and that is expected to dis pate and lisa moving to the north and no watches or warnings and that is expected to be a remnant low pressure system and at home -- home, we have a cold front that is to the south of us and stalling out through here and behind it, we'll see cooler air settling in and have a system moving across into pennsylvania by tomorrow and ahead of it, plenty of rainfall that is going move in from the gulf and that is moving into our area in through the later evening and early, later
10:51 pm
evening hours of tomorrow and into overnight and that is going to be more heavier and steady rainfall with storms in the forecast in through monday and tuesday and we need the rainfall, don't need the storms. for tonight, then, partly cloudy and breezy, 60 degrees the overnight low and tomorrow, starting out partly cloudy in the morning about and with the clouds and sun. more clouds increasing in the day and showers and that turns into rain and into the overnight hours. this is a look at the five-day forecast for you. the storms in the forecast on monday and tuesday and going to get two good heavy to moderate rainfall the next few days and the beginning of the week and we start to dry out on wednesday and thursday and cooler air behind that system and we're going to be closer to where we should be and the temperatures are 20 degrees different tomorrow compared to today and we're really unseasonably warm today. >> yeah. >> and looking like fall. >> and very. >> starting to get where we should be. >> exactly. >> and who was one of your big favorites in idol?
10:52 pm
>> i liked crystal, her bluesy. >> and let's talk about her. "american idol" season runner-up and crystal bowersox, engaged to musician brian walker. and this is the first. gen is -- gwen is rocking out in the studio and loves her. this is the first marriage for the ohio single mom whoa has a 1-year-old from a previous relationship. they reportedly plan to walk down the aisle next month. >> congratulations to her. comedienne margaret cho is finding a new way to make her fans laugh and claudia cowen spoke to the comedienne. ♪ sorry i set your house on fire. >> reporter: comedienne margaret cho creates a new genre of music is using -- using her own signature style with cho dependence. >> i have been making music for a while and i wanted to do
10:53 pm
something where i could make the joke songs that had more during value with music. >> i guess i got a player -- >> the show's using music in the live standup routine for years and that first album allowed her to hone her craft with her heros. >> i had people help me who were great composers and people like patty griffin and fiona apple and andrew bird. a lot of incredible musicians who have a great sense of humor, too and we wanted to colap rate to make this -- collaborate to make the record. >> reporter: the comedienne is on tour in support of the new cd and dancing with the stars and on drop dead dove a. she feels at home deploying her defiant humor through a microphone. >> and i think of the album as standup comedy and that is music, all done in that same kind of spirit and
10:54 pm
consciousness. it will be weird not to do that. >> my mother doesn't look my tattoos. [ laughter ] >> it's too much. >> and threading some serious topics in her songs goes down bitter with a little humor. >> seems like domestic violence and things like addiction. all of these things are addressed and i hope people find something they can sing to and that they understand with their hearts. ♪ >> reporter: catch margaret cho on the road, on tv or her new cd cho dependent in hall, claudia cowen, fox news. >> i love her humor. it's good. >> she looks good after all of these years. >> and the same tattoo. >> right, right. >> and. who wouldn't want to drive a car that you wouldn't want to fill up a gas tank. >> talking about electric cars and not everyone is excited. find out why on the other side
10:55 pm
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ro. >> an american astronaut made a safe landing. her voyage home was not without a few bumps. they had to delay the return flight to 24 hours. engineers will now look into what happened to the undocking and are initially pointing to a broken bolt. electric cars are designed to make our planet greener. >> not everyone is excited to jump behind the wheel of the latest model. fox'sed in hibberd explains the controversy over the futuristic vehicles. >> reporter: is there an electrical vehicle in your future? -- future?
10:59 pm
a not-too-distant future. >> i think most people don't know there are elect contradict -- electric cars available today. they don't know there is a variety and that they're cheap. >> reporter: take the unfortunately named candy cocoa from china. it will go 35 miles an hour and 40 mimes per charge and less than 13 grand. >> two cents per mile and you plug it in at night. >> reporter: if electric cars took up 30% of the road by 2050, the baker institute study said we would save 2 1/2 million barrels of oil a day. sounds great, right? not to robert bryce, offer of power hungry. >> and we have been hearing electric vehicles are on the verge of viability. the history is a century of failure, tailgating failure. >> reporter: buy this and you can claim a tax credit of up t

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